All the Things I Have To Do, 2019
Selin Kocagöncü

5 Days – 5 Hours a Day

Elgiz Museum, Istanbul


Selin Kocagöncü, pushes the boundaries of imposed rules by the society and aims to
explore fully the problematic by focusing on it. By facing various ways of reaching
“natural beauty” rituals she aims to balance her “insufficiencies” by an ‘extreme’
redemption act. Through this restoration she reconciles with the society and aims to
balance the so-called deficient aspect of womanhood, ‘extremely’. Every day starts
with getting out a to-do list in front of a mirror, where requirements are found, from
the manicure to the facial care, and even hair plucking, and all these sorts of beauty
activities that ll the day. While continuing these exercises, she carries her works into
the Performance Room that turned into an artist studio. In front of the audience, she
tries to pursue her daily practices as an artist. In detail and with absurd evocations,
all the acts of the performance are being documented one by one. Audiences can
work as artist assistants for 30 minutes or 1-hour periods if appointed beforehand.

Elgiz Museum in collaboration with Performistanbul.

© Selin Kocagöncü and Performistanbul