Dada Action # 1. VIP / #  2.SURVEY, 2018

Batu Bozoğlu

Performance / Happening

3 Hours ( Total)


In Dadamobile ( Boston Farmer’s Market), 2018

İstanbul Caddebostan Park, 2018



Dadabloge is thirty-day blog soliciting, collecting and showcasing dada work on the internet for the entire month of June 2018. The blog is inspired by Tristan Tzara’s ambitious anthology project Dadaglobe, which was fated to be published at the peak of Dada in 1921 but was unfortunately abandoned at the time. While the history of Dadaglobe is fascinating, published along with most of the original material by MoMA in 2016, dadabloge is a vehicle for exploring how artists today interpret dada in not only translating but transforming similar ideas to see what they might yield in today’s time.

Dada Mobile event and Dadabloge electronic broadcast organized by Mobius between 3-27 June at Boston Farmer’s Market, participated in VIP and Poll performances. The performance of performances performed by Dada Mobile artists in Boston was carried out by Performistanbul in İstanbul.

During the VIP performance of the artist, the natural rights of the public are thought to be possessed, and in the performance of the survey, the perception and individual definitions were tried to be shaken. These performances, designed to disrupt the ordinary course of life and create turmoil, have been carried out without any call, sociable media sharing or activity announcement.

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©Batu Bozoğlu, Dadabloge Mobius and Performistanbul