Stay LIVE at Home

Home Performance no.36

Marie von Heyl
Katharina Ludwig
Fette Sans
Philipp Wüschner

From my bed to yours, Precarious Gossips

WHAT: “Precarious Gossips” aims at gathering voices coming from multiple backgrounds, that may be under-represented or generally quieter, as to discuss important yet delicate topics. Until now, “Precarious Gossips” has been taking place in a luxurious hotel room. This context has offered a rare opportunity to combine safety, warmth and theatricality to encourage and nurture conversations between people that may otherwise not have met. Offline gestures felt particularly poignant in times when most of us seemed to engage solely online in the sharing of ideas and when we are critical.
What happens to such gatherings when bodies cannot meet in physical space?
For the first time “Precarious Gossips” will emigrate online – collectively yet each in our respective rooms, we will discuss and literally perform various concepts of ‘home’. We will discuss the privilege of having a home and how real life phenomena like luxury and social distinction translate into the digital. Can you feel socially excluded and therefore out of place in your own room? Does the vulnerability that comes with inviting strangers-via-screens into your house ask for new forms of exorcisms? How to withdraw within an enforced confinement (is there such a thing as a home within a home?) and how do such gestures relate to offline notions such as the romantic figure of the ornamental hermit?

WHEN: 08.05.2020 – 9:00 pm (GMT+2) For Turkey. Duration is estimated to 2 hours.
(8:00 pm (GMT+1) – For Germany!)


Katharina Ludwig was nominated to contribute to Stay LIVE at Home – Home Performance series by Dominique Baron Banorjee.

About the Speakers

Marie von Heyl is a Berlin based artist and writer who works on subject-object-relations and the productive inadequacies of language.

Katharina Ludwig is an artist and writer working with text, installation and objects. Her research in the framework of the Art Research programme at Goldsmiths is concerned with narrative holes in women’s writing and the temporalities of the “wounded text”. Ludwig tries to activate textual holes as a subversive feminist practice of resistance with insurrectional potential treat textual wound as political and writerly strategy in opposition to authoritarian systems.

Fette Sans is a multi-disciplinary artist. Concerned with social systems, representation and technology, she develops obsessive rituals, collaborations and speculative narratives to question these issues.

Philipp Wüschner is a philosopher, writer, and translator in Berlin, who thinks about feelings, hysteria, and intimacy in not-so-new-anymore media.