Stay LIVE at Home

Home Performance No:44

Alberto Siete


WHAT: Monreal’s first performance for Stay LIVE at Home was “Still Life Action” and it consisted in spending all day long by doing one single meditative action. Artist’s second performance “Dis(TR)action” was about spending all day long by doing 103 rounds of 10 actions and each had to last 10 minutes. For his third performance “(Medit)action”, Monreal will spend all day long and actualise 10 meditative actions which will last 103 minutes each. For “(Medit)action”, the artist will present a conclusion of the previous two performances and try to explore the middle ground between them by giving time and space to each action, aiming to find a natural, calm and organised rhythm of the real life. The artist will explore the meanings of fasting as a personal challenge and a meditation for the last day of the Ramadan.

There will be 9 different Facebook streamings for each action cited as below:

  1. Health (doing a morning exercise)
  2. Self-care (washing / dressing up)
  3. Family (making a phone call)
  4. Friends (contacting friends on WhatsApp)
  5. Soul (still meditating as “Dis(TR)action”s selfie taking)
  6. Mind (reading as “Dis(TR)action”skaraoke singing)
  7. Sense (eating after accomplishing the fasting at the last day of Ramadan)
  8. Work (checking Facebook at the end of the day)
  9. Study (watching a movie)
  10. The last action that consists of registering each action will be distributed among the others.

WHEN: 23-24.05.2020 – 08:20 am – 01:30 am (GMT+3) 17 hours, 10 minutes

WHERE: Facebook – Alberto Siete –

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