Memory, 2016

45 Minutes

Yer Istanbul, 2016

The performance “Memory” of Performistanbul, realized by the platform artists AslieMk, will be the first in the performance series called “8”.

“8” is a whole which is not monolithic, but fluid as formed by 8 interconnecting performances, and contains tunnels, corridors, worm holes, space-time warps, surfaces and reflections; which transfer codes, textures, memories, energies, auras from their open endings. It defines a new “performative becoming” which is repeatedly built and unbuilt.

“Memory” is an experiment of spatial encounters, where AslieMk nest audio recordings within one another, which belong to their memories linked with their different life periods. It is the overlapping of the frequency of the wishful lines from Mk’s childhood diary, with the wavelength of the conversations recorded by Aslı while staying up till dawn in a park. It is the act of reciprocal sabotage of the radio waves of the songs accompanied by Aslı and her father during a road-trip, and the frequencies of the naming of Mk, in a dream before his birth. AslieMk step by step occupy the time/location that they are in, with lunges at the two ends of an invisible boundary; while moving/replacing within the space the overlapping, sabotaging, intertwining frequencies and wavelengths.

© AslieMk and Performistanbul