Visual Artist, Architect

Born in 1978 in Antalya, completed BA and MA degree of Architecture at Istanbul Technical
University with the thesis titled “The hybridization of body and space in the postorganic paradigm”.
Continues for Phd degree of Proficiency in Art with the research on body technologies at Yıldız
Technical University. His works were exhibited in Turkey, Holland, Poland, Germany, Italy and
published on e-flux, ortaformat. Lives and works in İstanbul.

The works of Mustafa Kemal Yurttaş are collected under the name of Mikaye. Mikaye is an artist
collective of virtual avatars of Mustafa and the playground of these schizoid personas (Mk Yurttas,
Uzay Kere, Uzak Yere, cekambiyarim, freezeus, AslieMk, Rhodesia) who are producing seperately and
together in different medias like video, photograph, writing, drawing, 3d modelling, installation,
spatial intervention, performance. The works in Mikaye play with the cultural codes dependent on
established meaning structures and are spinning around the keywords like “schizo-creative”,
“ghostly-becoming”, “post-human”.

Detailed Biography