My Sandcastles, 2016
Ekin Bernay

2 Hours

Curator: Simge Burhanoğlu

BLOK art space Çukurcuma, 2016

“I want to build sandcastles with the same innocence of a child’s. Let me build my self by putting my own pieces back together. See me, as I see pain”

Her body rigid. Becoming more still with every new mould. Her body constantly changing under the cast leaves her. As the parts strengthen, she suffers. Her movements are restricted and her breath weakens, she comes closer to all that she has gone through. Her wings broken, mouth gagged, fists tense. Her knees are weak and her legs unable to walk.

The sands of Samsun and Erdek, her father’s hometown as well as where she spent her childhood. The water which she uses to wet the sand is a symbol of her tears and pain. The losses and hardships she went through in the past year is what defined the mix and knead. Maybe after her suffering has been expressed may the artist rebuild her self and her life. This may be the beginning of a new blend.

To build. To build believing that life always knocks us down only to bring us back together. To build your own reality with sand castles if you must. To build those castles by putting parts of your self into it, re-defining yourself as it is.

This performance is dedicated to our fathers Ferit Bernay and Faruk Sade

In collaboration with The Art Department.

© Ekin Bernay and Performistanbul