A place to die, 2017
Leman S. Darıcıoğlu

4 hours

Venice International Performance Art Week 2017 – Co-creation Live Factory Prologue 1., 2017
Under the mentorship of VestandPage.


I first called the ghosts of the stone. I closed my eyes to the world to look into their eyes.

A place to die is a ritual. A research on&in the body, on&in the place to connect with a place I’ve been for the very first time, to make it home for a while, to clean it and myself from the ghosts of the past. A question about geographical & spatial belongings, death & rebirth, power & wound. A seeking for healing. A calling for getting stonger together.

In a room with a ground that stones were spreading with straggling red rose petals on I drew houses by stones. After each stones I pricked needle(s) on my body. After each needles I laid stones above my body and lied still for a while. After almost three and half hours first, I carried all the stones with the ones which are drewn as houses in the middle of the room to around the mirror then after lying down on the mirror I laid them on my body pricked needles. I lit a candle near to my head and put little candles among the stones above the needles for let the audience light.

Photo Credits: Lorenza Cini,  Marco Sitran,  Edward Smith