Performistanbul’s Artist Residency Programme Focused on Performance Artists (2020)

Artistic Development Programme: The conceptual framework of the first edition is “home”.

In February 2020, with the support of  the British Council’s #WomenPowerinCulture Grant Scheme, in collaboration with Live Art Development Agency (LADA), Performistanbul initiated an open call for an artistic development programme offering a four-week (London, 2020) project development workshop and a ten day (PCSAA – Istanbul, 2020) residency for a performance artist. The open call was inviting a performance artist who self-identifies herself / themselves as a woman*  without a limitation of a live practice – living and working within the UK, exploring the idea of “home” as a widened context – a space for being and creation. The first edition of the programme was presenting a conceptual framework that is based around the notions of “home”, belonging, identity, gender, hope, love and migration. The jury consisted of nine members including representants of Performistanbul, Live Art Development Agency (LADA, London) and invited three outside associates representing Turkish contemporary art scene. The development scheme was aiming to offer a final exhibit in two cities and provide opportunities to develop artistic practice. The first part of the programme consisted of mentoring sessions which actualised in London, provided private meetings, project development sessions and offered accessibility to LADA’s archive. For the second part of the residency, Oleva was invited to Turkey for ten days to benefit from research facilities in the building of PCSAA and concentrated on the elaboration process of her project. Because of the transformation of the project due to the Covid-19 Crisis, on the 11th of May, 2020 Alisa Oleva firstly actualised her online performance entitled ‘Tracing the Inside, A collective Action”’ as part of Stay Live at Home. The project ‘Walking Home’ that is developed by the artist within the scope of the three months and process during the online development programme, will actualise with the participants in October and meet with the audience in November (2020). 

Alisa Oleva