Secreted Functions, 2019


2 Hours
Curator: Tuçe Erel

Top Transdisciplinary Project Space is hosting AslieMk’s new performance work “Secreted Functions” on behalf of Posthumanism Reading Group, hosted by Tuçe Erel. AslieMk will use the TopLab as a stage and invite audience to be an observant of an on-going experiment throughout the performance, which explores exchange of body-liquids – here exchange of saliva and other undefined liquids – of two bodies and sampling of the exchanged liquids, which will be investigated after the performance on behalf of the mini-residency at TopLab.

“Secreted Functions” will display AslieMk’s bodies will become a machine, which will enable the exchange of body liquids to explore the transformation of microorganisms in human body.

© AslieMk and Performistanbul