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Stay LIVE at Home!
Home is you
Home is us
Home is love

Performistanbul invites you all! ♥
Starting from 17.03.2020, we wish to  start a global movement by initiating the “home performances” series with its artists.
Each artist will start presenting their live performances online and will nominate another performance artist across the world.

Through the nomination(s), we invite performance artists  to create, to share, to contribute and to transform the collective experience by uniting safe spaces under one roof.

We hope to raise awareness of healing through live movement and stay together within the current health crisis and creating a common language through our individual spaces.

We will announce performances through our online platforms daily, stay tuned!
#neededyou #collectiveexperience #homeisus #homeperformances

If you would like to join the movement:

  1. DM us on Instagram or send us an e-mail at research@performistanbul.orgto inform WHAT (name and short description of your concept / WHERE (online platform and account name) / WHEN (day & time – duration)
  2. Please bare with us to announce your performance
  3. Perform and nominate another artist(s) using the hashtags #homeperformances #neededyou

Stay HOME! Stay LIVE!

Mk Yurttaş, 166 (Session 1)
İ. Ata Doğruel, My Quarantine, Covid-19
Gertrūda Gilytė, Healthy, grateful and full of joy!
Erol Birim, AVAZ
Mk Yurttaş, 166 (Session 2)
Alireza Amin Mozafari, Lip Reading
Leman S. Darıcıoğlu, For those who have left and those who are struggling
Mk Yurttaş, 166 (Session 3)
Batu Bozoğlu, Project: Survive
Giulia Mattera, Neoteny
Diren Demir, Service
Dominique Baron-Bonarjee, Collapse: Hyperobjects
Mk Yurttas, 166 (Session 4)
Vivien Tauchmann, Series no.1 Retail –  Self-As-Other-Trainings
Vivien Tauchmann, Series no.2 GreenhouseSelf-As-Other-Trainings
Vivien Tauchmann, Series no.3 CocoaSelf-As-Other-Trainings
Kirsty Black and Kia Matanky-Becker, Waving
Vivien Tauchmann, Series no.4 TeaSelf-As-Other-Trainings
Mk Yurttas, 166 (Session 5)
Eymen Aktel, Closed Door (Session 1)
Vivien Tauchmann, Series no.5 Textiles – Self-As-Other-Trainings
Eymen Aktel, Closed Door (Session 2)
Vivien Tauchmann, Series no.6 SmartphoneSelf-As-Other-Trainings
Vivien Tauchmann, Series no.7 HouseholdSelf-As-Other-Trainings
Mk Yurttas, 166 (Session 6)
Zoe Marden, The Tentacles of Covid Capitalism, A performance lecture
Kiki Cicinaş, Playing House (Session 1)
Diren Demir, Calling Back The Nature
Mk Yurttas, 166 (Session 7)
Anna Nazo, Flame
Özlem Ünlü, Collective Commission
Kiki Cicinaş, Playing House (Session 2)
Pierce Starre, Reflection
Marie von Heyl, Katharina Ludwig, Fette Sans, Philipp Wüschner, From my bed to yours, Precarious Gossips
Mk Yurttas, 166 (Session 8)
Alisa Oleva, Tracing the Inside, A collective action
Mk Yurttas, 166 (Session 9)
Mazen Khaddaj, The Voice Inside My Head
Kiki Cicinaş, Playing House (Session 3)
Ufuk Şenel, An intimate material : A blanket for two people
Leman S. Darıcıoğlu, Dear Stranger
Luk Sips, Untitled
Alice Jacobs, Lonely Amongst Selves
Kiki Cicinaş, Playing House (Session 4)
Türkay Çotuk, Onomatopoeia
Mk Yurttas, 166 (Session 10)
Ada Xiaoyu Hao, Tropes of death, ghost in the locker, I’m the voyeur shedding tears in the mirror’, Session 001: I lie, I speak 
Kiki Cicinaş, Playing House (Session 5)
Kiki Cicinaş, Playing House (Session 6)
Mk Yurttas, 166 (Session 11)
Madeleine Virginia Brown, Nasturtium
Jacqueline van de Geer, Confinement Rhapsody no5 – Session 1 and 2
Ülkü Çağlayan, Making Sense
Diana Soria, Home Decoration
Kiki Cicinaş, Playing House (Session 7)
Mk Yurttas, 166 (Session 12)
Duncan Hume, Three Rooms: The Trilogy / Bathroom
Derya Dinç, Way to Arrive
Kiki Cicinaş, Playing House (Session 8)
Mk Yurttas, 166 (Session 13)
Duncan Hume, Three Rooms: The Trilogy / Kitchen
Vasiliki Antonopoulou, Tales from the Script
Mk Yurttas, 166 (Session 14)
Duncan Hume, Three Rooms: The Trilogy / Tatami Room
Nina Claire, The Love Between Us
Katrin Albrecht (Mountain), Feeding the Fire
Kiki Cicinaş, Playing House (Session 9)
Mk Yurttas, 166 (Session 15)
Norman Mine, Everything’s Matter
Mk Yurttas, 166 (Session 16)
Kiki Cicinaş, Playing House (Session 10)
Mk Yurttas, 166 (Session 17)
Seyhan Musa, The Healer 
Mk Yurttas, 166 (Session 18)
Mk Yurttas, 166 (Session 19)
Andrw Houston, Tink
Derya Dinç, Way to Arrive
Lizy Tan, with Charlotte Whittle and Jan Margolius, Home Corners
Rezzan Gümgüm, Daily Puzzles
Meltem Şahin, “Birinin Acısı Öbürüne Geçmiyor”
Ilka Theurich, Touch