There is an ocean between us, 2020

Leman S. Darıcıoğlu

7 hour
28.07.2020 – Tuesday
01:00 – 8:00 pm (GMT+2)
Apartmant Project Berlin, Hertzbergstraße 13, 12055 Berlin
Photo by Derin Cankaya

With the curatorial support of Performistanbul.

The 7-hour long performance is the result of a thread of self-directed questions. Darıcıoğlu’s ongoing exploration of the body’s boundaries and its role as a vessel in personal expression responding to predominant social and political paradigms, continues by addressing the newly arising definitions for distance, limitation, intimacy and borders. These notions that are recently restoring their contexts, are at the centre of the artists’ new work, where she* reconsiders the four windows (‘screens’) of Apartment Project as a single narrative, utilising only the facade as the project space, keeping the doors of the venue closed for public access.

The artist’s interest in the shifting significance of proximity and remoteness, manifests itself in the performance — pushing and bending the idea of interhuman connection, the still-action caters for a stimulating existential investigation. The objects placed in the remaining screens of the facade brings forward a sub-question pondering on the concept of art, representation and image — a parallel theme that resides in Darıcıoğlu’s practice.

The performance, which requires a strong physical and mental preparatory process, is designed without any intent of establishing a singular judgement. On the contrary, it aims to provoke the audience to ruminate on the widening gap between beings and delve into the alternating forms of togetherness.

Special thanks to Apartment Project for their venue support, the Senate Department for Culture and Europe, neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst (nGbK Berlin), ZK/U Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, Depo İstanbul. Further thanks to Bengisu Çağlayan for formulating the text for the project and for her coordination support. Additional thanks to Selda Asal, Melih Sarıgöl, Hasan Aksaygın, Başak Günak, Derin Cankaya and Emre Birişmen.