Invitation to “Walking Home” from Performistanbul

Alisa Oleva invites Women* of Istanbul to participate in her Performance!

The first residency programme of Performistanbul is brought to life! Alisa Oleva is the first artist nominated to the “Artistic Development Programme” as part of Performistanbul’s artist residency focused on performance artists, the project is conducted with the support of British Council’s #WomenPowerinCulture Grant Scheme, in collaboration with Live Art Development Agency, (LADA, London). Alisa Oleva is a Russian artist living and working in London, presenting her performance Walking Home in two channels both in Istanbul and London. 

At the performance entitled `Walking Home, while the participants will be walking towards the place where they describe as “home” in Istanbul, the artist will accompany each partner within one-to-one sessions from London by connecting via phones without the presence of an audience. In order to designate the starting point of the walking, a map that reads the city through the locations of historical and forensic figures, artefacts and events related to women will guide the participants. In these traces there are such as; the Sultanahmet Square in the remembrance of Halide Edip Adıvar’s  activist and political speech in 1919, Yıldız Park in memory of Gürdal Duyar’s sculpture that represents Istanbul in the form of a woman’s body,  Fındıklı park where Füsun Onur’s 50thyear sculpture that got removed by the city hall crew during the organisation as well as selected places such as Süreyya Opera. 

With the following questions; “If I ask you to walk me home, where would you take me? Does home mean feeling safe? What makes you feel like at home? Is it where you live now or a different place? Or is it not even a place? Now, it is time to walk and find home!”, the artist is searching for the answer of what could be the meaning of the notion of “home”. She invites women* living in Istanbul to share her footsteps within that journey. The notion of “home”, that may refer to different meanings such as the nest, safe space, family, escape, indefensible area, self-reflection, is at the centre of the Walking Home performance. The artist will ask several questions to the participants in order to get a response to the meanings of “home”, as a result it could lead to various descriptions such as an actual home; a park, a seaside, a library or a place which reflects that feeling or a person and an object. On the other hand, her questions could also remain unanswered… 

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