Performistanbul is Turkey’s first international platform to bring performance artists together. Based in Istanbul, the platform works with international artists and institutions without a space of its own to

  • promote performance art
  • reach more audiences to experience challenging and creative performance work.
  • foster collaboration with different arts institutions world wide and increase flexibility.
  • act as a medium to connect art institutions and corporate firms with performance artists while creating site specific performances.

Founded in January 2016, so far Performistanbul has presented more than 50 performances and introduced a number of national and international artists to premiere new works in collaboration with leading arts institutions.

What’s next?

As of 2018, Performistanbul goes into a next phase and starts working on Performistanbul Live Art Research Space, which will focus on archiving, documenting and exhibiting performance art while providing space and resource for making research.

Performistanbul believes in the uniting and healing power of performance art, which is at the same time, a very effective tool to reach out people around the world. This has motivated us to plant the seeds of discovering and creating new languages in the field of live art and as a first step, we decided to establish a specialized library and an archive of more than 7000 physical and digital resources within the research space. Planning to open  in  2018, the Live Art Research Space will also launch Performistanbul Publishing aiming to publish new books as well as translated books in Turkish.