“Look Again”

Into Pera Museum’s Collection Exhibitions, 2017

Pera Museum is presenting a performance program entitled Look Again between March 31 and April 2, 2017 in collaboration with Performistanbul. Inspired by Pera Museum Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation’s collection exhibitions, the program features performances by artists AslieMk, Ekin Bernay, and I. Ata Doğruel.

Ambassador, 2017

Ata Doğruel

18  Hours ( 3 days 6 hours a day)

Pera Museum, 2017

The performance focuses on Intersecting Worlds: Ambassadors and Painters exhibition that includes works selected from the Orientalist Painting Collection. The exhibition reveals the meandering paths of diplomatic history under the guidance of art and also introduces us to intriguing personalities. The artist brings a new approach to the art patronage and ambassadors’ portraits from 17th to the 19th centuries while investigating the dichotomous lives of these ambassadors and painters.



© İ. Ata Doğruel and Performistanbul