Venice International Performance  Art Week, 2017

Co – Creation Live Factory Prologue 1, Venice, 2017
A Project by VestandPage
7 – 16 December 2017

Open to the public on 14 – 16 December 2017

With a new project under the title CO-CREATION LIVE FACTORY Prologue 1, the VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK heads into a new direction. Founded on the principles of artistic collaboration, cooperation and temporary artistic community, CO-CREATION LIVE FACTORY Prologue 1 is born to be an artistic experience of a different kind. The aim is to empower 75 participating artists from 28 countries selected through an Open Call, to articulate and develop their individual praxis within an independent temporary autonomous zone of co-creation. Under the tuition of the artists Marilyn Arsem, VestAndPage and Andrigo & Aliprandi, and with morning lectures and artistic interventions by Robin Deacon, Jill McDermid & Erik Hokanson; Preach R Sun, Marcel Sparmann, as well as lectures by Elisabetta di Mambro and Francesca Carol Rolla.

The culmination of this 10 days co-creation process  was open to the public on the days December 14 -16, 2017 (started from 17:00h each day): we transformed the ART WEEK venue European Cultural Centre | Palazzo Mora together into a dynamic performance site through a series of collective performance operas, as well as collaborative and solo performances.

Our dear Performistanbul’s artists  Batu Bozoğlu, Leman S. Darıcıoğlu and İ. Ata Doğruel are selected  to participate it . Batu Bozoğlu and İ. Ata Doğruel worked with Marliyn Arsem they focues on the issue of how time creates an impact on artist and the audience.and Leman S. Darıcıoğlu  worked with VestandPage’s method which is physical, mental and spiritual method which centers the bodies on the their artistic practices. The method also poetically aprroaches the body as an area known by their upcoming work.

Supported by The Art Department and Fark Holding

Batu Bozoğlu
It is all about luck
2 days (16 hours)

The performance is a two day long durational work during which I flipped a coin and marked the result with white chalk on a black wall (2×6 meters roughly) as 0’s (heads) or 1’s (tails) for 16 hours, until the whole surface is covered. The performance started every day when I left the hotel in Mestre and walked 3 hours to Venice proper to reach Palazzo Mora, and then tossed and marked between 1pm and 9pm without ever stopping. The wall was completely covered at the last hour of the second day and the binary code written down in a notebook to be processed later as digital text, image and sound files. This work was inspired by the trench warfare of the Great War where luck was the deciding factor between life and death.

İ. Ata Doğruel
We have only just met
36 hours

“We have only just met” was created in Venice, as result of the workshop “Considering Time”, under the tuition of Marilyn Arsem. The 36-hour durational performance was presented on December 15,16 2017 as part of Co-Creation Live Factory – Prologue 1, International Performance Venice Art Week, at Palazzo Mora, in Venice/Italy.

Eva Martino and Ismail Ata Doğruel co-created this work to question the relation between 2 people. The process involved the artists to tie each other up by one wrist and one ankle and to cover one eye and one ear. They shared meals, bed, toilet, they fed each other, they attempted to be one body.

Moreover, the performers went through an additional performance within this 36 hours process. They sat opposite to each others, looking at each other’s one eye continuously 8 hours a day for two days with no intervals, in a cage. The only way of communication was writing on a notepad.

They went through this reciprocal and human journey together to understand how far could you go with a person you’ve just met?

Where does the intensity of a relation start?

What is the meaning of getting tied up with someone, to create a rhythm with that person, to see the world from that person’s perspective, to become one single body, to trust, to share, even the tears… And to get lost when looking from the other’s eye, to forget time

Leman S. Darıcıoğlu
A place to die
4 hours

I first called the ghosts of the stone. I closed my eyes to the world to look into their eyes.

A place to die is a ritual. A research on&in the body, on&in the place to connect with a place I’ve been for the very first time, to make it home for a while, to clean it and myself from the ghosts of the past. A question about geographical & spatial belongings, death & rebirth, power & wound. A seeking for healing. A calling for getting stonger together.

In a room with a ground that stones were spreading with straggling red rose petals on I drew houses by stones. After each stones I pricked needle(s) on my body. After each needles I laid stones above my body and lied still for a while. After almost three and half hours first, I carried all the stones with the ones which are drewn as houses in the middle of the room to around the mirror then after lying down on the mirror I laid them on my body pricked needles. I lit a candle near to my head and