Cover, 2016
Cristina Ghinassi

30 Minutes

Space Debris Art, 2016

The performance aims to explore the possible meanings of the protectiveness and the reflection given by the space blankets covering the bodies of migrants. Through the heat-reflective blankets, artist uses her presence and body as a mirror to create a possible connection between her, the migrants and the audience.

Cristina Ghinassi Bio:

Cristina Ghinassi is an Italian video and performance artist, currently based in Istanbul.
Her multidisciplinary approach focuses on interactivity with the audience and a combined use of video and performance.
Since 2012, she has focused her research on The Mediterranean region and The Middle East.
A constant dualism between real and unreal, private and public, conscious and unconscious crosses her works.
In an attempt to dismantle barriers and political and cultural boundaries, her work constantly questions a variety of social issues through visual representations, installations and interactive performances.
Her works were exhibited in Italy, Denmark, London, Lebanon and Malta.

Video: Mithkal Alzghair and Cristina Ghinassi
Sound design: Cristina Ghinassi

© Cristina Ghinassi