eggs and potatoes and eggs, 2019
Mk Yurttaş

1 Days – 10 Hours

Poşe Gallery, Istanbul


On an autumn evening of 2018, when their meeting at poşe’s place was prolonged, Mk and poşe team agreed on “let’s meet next Sunday morning here, have breakfast and talk”. “Okay, I’ll make you potato eggs and potatoes” added Mk and they left with a laugh. That breakfast could not be made that Sunday morning, and from time to time this conversation turned into a work in Mk, where poşe would turn into a “soup kitchen” with eggs and potatoes and eggs during a Sunday; not only for the art audience, but also for the neighbors, the neighborhood, the passers-by will have th eopportunity to come and eat, meet and talk about any subject in this dedicated space throughout the day.

Starting early in the morning, Mk will be freshly cooking eggs and potatoes for each visitor inside the gallery space. While cooking, he is expecting not only to be watched, but also to the creation of dialogue between people – but of course, this dialogue expectation is not an obligation for being there that day nor to eat eggs and potatoes and eggs.

Mk’s intention is to try to create an environment where different things can be discussed; for example, “food politics”, what we eat or are fed, what is the organic food, the boundaries of the GMO issue, if agriculture policies may be more important than we “the urbans” think, I may declare “my own body, my own decision” but what about the contents of the food that I give to the cat I feed, or to the baby when it’s just started growing in your body?

In essence, this 10-hour performance is based on Mk’s research topic: the posthuman body*. Because, if “we are what we eat”, then what do the bodies turn into depending on what they eat? May eating the body of another living thing considered as a murder, or is it a gift (or survival mechanism hidden in us) of its own body (or even its soul) for us? May this anthropocentric understanding that instrumentalizes other living things change in posthuman times? Does the technology that produces the clone Dolly produce eatable/renewable human bodies, or one day can a yogurt yeast become conscious and take over the rule of a country, starting from a state first? **

* “Posthuman Body as an Interdisciplinary Concept in Contemporary Art”; Mustafa Kemal Yurttaş; Phd of Proficiency in Art Thesis and Academic Paper; 2019

** “Love, Death & Robots – When The Yoghurt Take Over”; Netflix Series; Season 1 Episode 6; 2019

© Mustafa Kemal Yurttaş and Performistanbul