Listen, a walk to Babel, 2019
Ekin Bernay

2 hours
Space: Tate exchange / Babel (Cildo Meireles 2001)


This performative live work is expressed through choreographing the participants via the headphones and the mic that is primarily in Bernay’s control. Questioning themes of control and invisible power , the participants who we can refer to as performers, start by listening to Bernay’s voice on a journey of transformation. Bernay moves in response to the presence of Babel (Cildo Meireles 2001). Collectively we add another frequency to the room and explore new ways of being with the tower.
We let go of our thumbs by tying them up and we become 4 fingered humans is an ode to our relationship and attachment to our phones. Listening to fairy tales through each others voices while we move/stand still through and invisible net. The collective performative presence continues onto a journey through Tate Modern leading to Tate Exchange.

© Ekin Bernay and Performistanbul