Listen, a walk to Babel, 2019
Ekin Bernay

2 hours
Space: Tate exchange / Babel (Cildo Meireles 2001)


This performative live work is expressed through choreographing the participants via the headphones and the mic that is primarily in Bernay’s control. Questioning themes of control, invisible power(God , the internet) and human cyborgs, the participants who we can refer to as performers, will be listening to Bernay’s voice on a journey of transformation. First we let go of our thumbs by tying them up and we become 4 fingered humans letting go of our attachment to our phones.

Then through physical grounding exercises we reconnect to our bodies in the Tate Exchange space traveling through the space redesigned.

Here we can play with the idea of giving control to others where participants can collectively find moments of speaking into the microphone and we reverse the control process. Now Bernay is what they want her to be.

On the second stage of the performance Bernay regains the control of the microphone, we start a pilgrimage to Babel. (Cildo Meireles 2001)

© Ekin Bernay and Performistanbul