Performistanbul Live Art Research Space   

While continuing the works in various venues with its “spaceless” identity and in cooperation with different cultural and art institutions, International performance art platform Performistanbul turns over a new leaf and gives a new impulse to the field. It works up to embody the first Live Art Research Space in Turkey which will host many resources and take an important part in the performance art education and its development.

Evolved out of the healing and uniting force of performance art, Simge Burhanoğu founded Performistanbul three years ago, aiming to ‘bring the live art to wider audiences and explore today’s new dialects, methods and concepts’ and brought Performistanbul Live Art Research Space into being when the construction of the building ended in 2018.

Among the goals of PCSAA stands; to archive the live process and the performance art as a component of contemporary art, to form an archival resource of performance art that would contribute to the development of different disciplines as well, to create a space dedicated to the study and development of performance art history that has never been documented nor valued before and enhance awareness and visibility of the discipline.

The PCSAA, which will include more than 7,000 sources consisting of international live art archives, documents and publications,sustains its work by using the Live Art Development Agency (LADA) in London as a model. In this respect, the present digital documentation of international artists’ performances in the LADA has been added to the archive’s collection. In addition, nearly 500 international performance artists were contacted, and archival-documentary donations have been collected from over 100 artists. In order to increase this number, book and archive donations are expected from local and international performance artists or from artists who include performance art in their practice. Donations from Angelica MesitiAnnegret SoltauChloe Chignell,Dennis OppenheimFrank Moore, the artist duo Gilbert and George, the performance trio The Icelandic Love CorporationMartha WilsonMette EdvardsenMyriam LaplanteShozo Shimamoto and Nancy Buchanan (High Performance Magazines archives) have been received recently.

Performistanbul Live Art Research Space Advisory Board

Towards the staidness of the Project, alongside the union board, Live Art Research Space Advisory Board has been established. The Council members are;

Adrian Heathfield – Curator & Writer, specialised in the areas of live art, performance and dance

Lois Keidan – Founding Director of LADA, activist and writer

Marilyn Arsem – Performance artist, Founder of Mobius, Founder of the Performance Art Department in the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and academician

VestAndPage – Verena Stenke and Andrea Pagnes – Performance Art Artist Duo