Marie von Heyl

Marie von Heyl (*1981 in Stuttgart, Germany) is a Berlin based multi-media artist and writer who works on subject object relations and the productive inadequacies of language. Marie studied at Weißensee School of Art in Berlin and the Royal Academy Schools in London. Her work draws from the poetic friction and productive misunderstandings that emerge when different models of reality collide, overlap or not quite fit together. Of particular relevance are objects that serve as mediators between different belief systems or carriers of sentimental value, such as cult objects, fetishes, heirlooms and souvenirs. Marie uses installation, collage, film and text to point at the beautiful, trace the uncanny and tap into the absurd.

Her favourite natural law is gravity.

From my bed to yours, Precarious Gossips, 2020, Marie von Heyl, Katharina Ludwig, Fette Sans, Philipp Wüschner