Mother and I, 2016
Ekin Bernay

Artists: Ekin Bernay, İrem Erim

28 minutes

Yer Istanbul, 2016

Curator: Simge Burhanoğlu

The braid between mother and daughter,
becoming entwined, becoming attached…
The re-braiding of the bond that has always existed, that had never severed.
The symbol of the umbilical cord that was cut but was not broken.
The braid is strong, it is certain that
it cannot be cut, even before reaching out to the scissors.

Mother and I, is between Ekin Bernay and her mother,
and it is in front of us. The mother and daughter watch the bond between them with us,
simultaneously. What’s inside is out, the experiences are in their voices.
Together, we hear for the first time their call out to each other.

The obscurity of what emerges, is as real to them as it is to us.

And they keep on being braided…

© Ekin Bernay and Performistanbul