Artists: Ebru Sargın L., Selin Kocagöncü, Gülhatun Yıldırım, Batu Bozoğlu
Curator: Performistanbul

Realized in collaboration with Performistanbul, Superimposed consists of performances that take place one after another, by four different artists. The artists base their performances on the surroundings’/districts’ characteristics in terms of their demographical, architectural, structural, nature and the balance struck between these elements. Elgiz Museum that arises from a private collection constitutes the center of the project as it nds itself a place among the buildings and the chaos of Maslak district where –the so-called comunity- white-collar employee circulation is the highest and where the headquarters of big corporations and banks are gathered in skyscrapers.
In this tumultuously complex region of the city where workers, laborers and craftsmen in the industrial district behind the museum co-exist with the artists’ studios, the project deals with the issue of art’s and artists’ struggle to find/build their place in society. The project may also be interpreted as an attempt to make an existential sign among the politics of life such as the superimposition and the engagement of live art. It can also be seen as a struggle of live art to find itself a place among contemporary art scenes and institutions. The Performance Room that Performistanbul creates at Elgiz Museum will become a space dedicated to this discipline.

The Performance Room will serve as a laboratory echoing life and its inevitable interaction, which it entails; a place to think and encourage thought on the plain, yet complicated, issue such as how freedom may not be something we ‘create’ but rather, it may be limited to what we are being ‘served’ and how our actions affect one another.

Performances deal with how the people, in the cramped-cornered state, driven from public space, city life and the community which tends to be categorized as white-collar may develop distinct perspectives when given a free space. The artists presents a witnessing process to articulation of society by interacting with each other and the possibility of turnout they may encounter.

Ebru Sargın L., White Zone, 2019
Selin Kocagöncü, All the Things I Have To Do, 2019
Gülhatun Yıldırım, Spell of Destruction, 2019
Batu Bozoğlu, Excavation, 2019