Needed: You 672 hours live process, 2018

Curated by Simge Burhanoğlu

The platform took the first step toward a new phase by presenting NEEDED: YOU, a long durational live process that was last for 28 days, 672 hours straight with no intervals, ıt was  held between 16 February – 16 March 2018 and by laying the foundations of Performistanbul Live Art Research Space, which will be Turkey’s first initiative, providing a dedicated space for performance art.

The aim was to reveal the raw material of humanity; to remind the most primitive feelings in us. A long durational work had the power to trigger the transformation needed, and that’s why Needed: You presents the process itself instead of offering a resolution. The aim behind this objective is to had the audience involved in the process and to present a mutually nourishing, pure experience. The audience is expected to enter the door unbiased; find a place of their own and feel valuable.

Supported by  ARF Group, Brandisyou, Digitalhouse, Dore Music, Ersa, Pieton, Roka Davet, Spot, Şerifoğlu İnşaat ve Mühendislik LTD., Timeout İstanbul.
Project: PC, 2018
Batu Bozoğlu
28 days 24 hours
PC is annoying; defies meaning.
PC is sterile but reproduces mitotically.
PC is a cheat; steals his answers.
PC is an imitator; works in repetitions.
PC is silent; his silence is noisy.
PC makes no sense; words escape him.
PC screams; his tongue is cut.
PC is nothing; says nothing.
PC is a perfect citizen.

PC, is an interactive and collaborative performance artwork, which was held for a consecutive 28 days. It involves the artist carrying a speaker on his body at all times, which will broadcast sounds send through a website by the public. These contributions in form of syllables, which will not require any personal information thus allowing for anonymity, will be read by a computer-generated voice. PC, through this phonetic poem collectively created during the 28 days, aims to create a public channel, free from the constraints of the language that has been corrupted and seized by the politics of our current age.