Two thousand and Eighteen Grains of Sand Residency

Perth, Australia
Date: January – February 2018

Residency coordinator: Peter William Toy
Curator: Simge Burhanoğlu

“Performance Artists are like the Bone Broth of the Art world, for they provide the nourishment we all need. This is a Performance Art which is able to distill the intellectual and conceptual as a Performance Still – a “live image” which encapsulates, in a figurative manner, an emotion, a thought or idea.”

“Two thousand and Eighteen Grains of Sand” – (Perth, Australia, Jan-Feb 2018)
Is both contemporary and historical, as we feel obliged to count the years of how we, the West, developed to where we are today. The project questions both contemporary and traditional performance and promotes this discipline as a vital philosophic force within the Visual Arts. The project is based on the Residency experience of a number of world class Performance Artists and will be curated by Performistanbul founding director Simge Burhanoglu. Performistanbul is the major international collaborator for “Two Thousand and Eighteen Grains of Sand” and will provide an unique perspective of contemporary Performance Art for Australian audiences.

Residency coordinator Peter William Toy says “I find the Performance Art of Turkey to be very “pure”, with a dedication to this discipline unmatched within the contemporary Art world. It is my hope that through this residency these Artists can teach us in Australia this purity of practice.”