Rezzan Gümgüm

Rezzan Gümgüm’s works involve different mediums; artistic practices such as performance, video, installation, photography, writing, and embroidery on fabric. In the Hacettepe University and Complutense University Proficiency in Art study, she explored the artistic expression possibilities of personal and collective experiences with her critical approach to everyday life structured under the heading of “Trace of The Everyday Life”. Gümgüm sees artistic creation as an act equivalent to life and relates her works to sincerity, personal experiences, and everyday life. Thus, she encourages us to think about any context and situation. Besides, she uses her experiences as a starting point for creating critical works.

Rezzan Gümgüm (born 1978. Varto). The visual artist lives and works in Ankara and Madrid. Selected performance and solo exhibitions; So Near Yet So Far, Willa Waldberta (Munich, Germany, 2020); The Heirs, Hinterland Galerie (Vienna, Austria, 2020); Colectivo La Paridera, Primeros Encuentros Adventium, (Aveinte, Avila, Spain, 2019); The Street Heals Me, Tosca-Art (Ankara, Turkey, 2019); Hands, “Future Perfect”, Nezaket Ekici Performance Workshop, Museum Evliyagil (Ankara, Turkey, 2019); Encounters, Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen, (Innsbruck, Austria, 2018); A Part That Is Missing Never Breaks, Kunstpavillion and Künstle