Stay LIVE at Home

Home Performance no.16

Vivien Tauchmann

Series no.1  “Retail”

“Self-As-Other-Trainings” is a series of livestream performative training classes.

WHAT: Rather than representing the underlying politics and the subjects of discrimination in a known mediatic format, ‘Self-As-Other-Trainings’ invites you to re-enact the embodied experience at the scale of the human, which changes how we can observe and experience a condition of otherness. Instead of focusing on preconceptions, they emphasise the importance of the body as a point of knowledge which includes how we feel about, and understand, who the ‘other’ is, or what their personal experiences may be.The first training, “Retail” focuses for 24 min. on the gestures and repetitive operations of people working in shopping facilities globally.

HOW: We are looking forward to connect with you by moving our bodies together…
This is a time that we can use, collectively, as a moment of reflection to question the structures reinforcing oppression, injustice and inequality. This is a time that we can use as an opportunity to create new ones based on solidarity and mutual respect.

WHEN: 11.04.2020 – 11:00 am -11:24 pm (GMT+2)

WHERE: ZOOM – Vivien Tauchmann. Subscription is required for participation:

Vivien Tauchmann’s ‘Self-As-Other-Trainings’ is realised as part of ‘Stay Live at Home – Home performance series’,  in collaboration with Be Mobile Create Together! and Performistanbul.

Vivien Tauchmann is currently residing at İKSV Residency through Be Mobile Create Together!.