Stay LIVE at Home

Home Performance no.28

Zoe Marden

The Tentacles of Covid Capitalism, A performance Lecture

WHAT: A performance Lecture on the Covid crisis in symbiosis with Donna Haraway’s thoughts of tentacular thinking. Some thoughts on the COVID crisis in symbiosis with Donna Haraway’s writing on tentacular thinking. To tentacularly is to think collectively and collaboratively. We are forging tentacular networks that never existed within our communities: Mutual aid becomes making kin and vis versa, contemporary life is suspended in a way we thought impossible. So, what other impossibilities can we think up? What other impossibles can become possible?
As Donna would say.

Think we must.

WHEN: 29.04.2020 – 06:00pm – 06:30pm (GMT +2)

WHERE: Instagram – @zoemarden –