We Are Seeds That Sprout Air , 2017

Ali Emir Tapan

6 Hours Mosh Pit

The Pill , 2017

Performers : Büşra Durgun , Damla Durman , Gülhatun Yıldırım, Leman S. Darıcıoğlu , M. Enes Kumaş ,  Mert Sarısu , Özgürcan Taşçı , Umut Rışvancı , Yağmur Taçar.

The piece consists of a video and a 6 hours long performance. The video, cutting between a mosh-pit footage and a movie sequence of an olive tree, both of which were shot with a cell-phone, proposes a state of animistic transcendence, accompanied by a soundtrack of a shamanic drum.

The performance takes place in the same room the video is projected. The soundtrack is silenced, but the video keeps running. Three drum-sets are placed on different ends of the room. Three drummers play these drums at the same time for 6 uninterrupted hours. They may play in synch or cacophonically. Performers are asked to start a mosh-pit and sustain it for 6 hours, projecting the ritual, fictionalized by the video, onto real time and space. For 6 hours the video and the performance co-exist. The viewer may partake by observing both or participating in the performance. 

We Are Seeds That Sprout Air is an investigation into crowd dynamics, as well as a proposal for a ritual of non-aggressive violence. In the face of our current reality; one of many imposed mass movements and motions, protests, celebrations, immediate responses to terror attacks by the present public, where a group of human beings are affected as a single body, it is an experiment in transformational imitation.

Ali Emir Tapan Bio: Ali Emir Tapan is a multidisciplinary Turkish artist based in Istanbul.
After studying intellectual history and photography at the Connecticut College, he moved to New York where he managed Haluk Akakçe’s studio.
Back in Istanbul, Ali Emir Tapan presented his first solo show Discrete Intimacy at Dirimart in 2008. Following his debut in the Turkish art scene, Tapan pursued his research in systems of esotericism and self-destruction patterns between Paris and London where he did an MFA at Central Saint Martins.
Ali Emir Tapan is considered as one of the most prolific young Turkish artist recently acclaimed with his solo shows There is another world  (2015) and Being imperceptible (2016) curated by Ali Akay.
His recent work investigates self-defeating utopias, urban fauna as totemic representations and the conjunction of private-public and spiritual spaces.
His work, especially his performances, are known for being related to relational aesthetics.
He is also involved in the emerging Turkish art scene as a curator, his most recent curatorial project at Space Debris featured Paris based feminist artist Luna Ece Bal and was widely reviewed in the local and international press.

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