White Zone, 2019
Ebru Sargın L.

1 Day – 9 Hours

Elgiz Museum, Istanbul


Ebru Sargın L. uses the room as a working place wearing a corporate outt
corresponding to its environment. The process begins when her body
starts to move by refusing this state of stability that lasts for hours in front
of a desk – being unable to be/stay in an office and after letting the body
free – and it ends when she frees both her body and mind by putting in
words her stream of consciousness while writing on the walls and doors of
the Performance Room and on the desk with the free-ow writing
technique. Visitors may the artist for the second stage of the performance
to transfere/transcribe their thoughts freely on the surface of the space.
White Zone aims to turn the room into a sharing space through the relation
between the performance artist and the participant, along with the
redemption of the body and thought.

Elgiz Museum in collaboration with Performistanbul.

© Ebru Sargın L. and Performistanbul